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Children’s Art Therapy

CRC’s counseling services provide professional and compassionate care in more than 250 sessions each month. So far this year, we’ve provided more than 2,300 sessions to help our clients understand and process the trauma they have experienced or are still experiencing.

For our clients, the new campus will mean several significant benefits regarding our counseling services:

  • Quiet, welcoming waiting area. Right now, clients wait in a public area on our upstairs deck which is used by our administration staff. It’s not quiet or private.
  • Private therapy rooms. When you’re experiencing trauma, it’s so important to have calm surroundings in which you can meet and speak with your therapist. Our current counseling offices are situated amongst our administration offices and next to the staff kitchen. It can be noisy, it isn’t private, and most critically, the area doesn’t afford a private exit after a therapy appointment, when a client may need quiet and privacy most.
  • Ground floor access. Our counselors are on the second floor, presenting challenges for scheduling clients with limited mobility and clients with younger children.
  • Separate exit door. The new counseling area will have an exit door separate from the entrance, making it easier for clients to return to the street without passing through the entrance waiting area.

Our counselors provide excellent care to all the clients we serve and do this in spite of the obstacles presented by our current offices and building. The new campus will make it possible to provide this same care within a calm, private and caring environment.

Chris Walsh, CRC’s Director of Counseling Services