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From the front line: Counseling

CRC’s counseling services provide professional and compassionate care in more than 250 sessions each month. So far this year, we’ve provided more than 2,300 sessions to help our clients understand and process the trauma they have experienced or are still experiencing.

From the front line: Housing

This is a continuing series in which we ask our front-line staff about the new campus to find out how they think it will benefit the neighbors who come to us in need of assistance. For this month, we asked our Director of Social Services , Miranda Chavez, to give...

From the front line: Food Pantry

As we think about the benefits of CRC’s new campus, most of us probably think about the aesthetics – the curb appeal, nicer office spaces. When we ask our staff about the new campus, the response is quite different. This month, we asked our Food and Nutrition program manager, Sloan...