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Miranda Chavez, Director of Social Services

This is a continuing series in which we ask our front-line staff about the new campus to find out how they think it will benefit the neighbors who come to us in need of assistance.

For this month, we asked our Director of Social Services , Miranda Chavez, to give us her thoughts …

“For our clients, the biggest benefit of the new building will be greater dignity. Right now, we face these challenges as we work to help people:

  • Our clients often have to form a line outside on the sidewalk, where everyone on the street can see them.
  • It’s crowded and sometimes hot as people wait for service.
  • We don’t have a bathroom for our clients.
  • Our offices aren’t that private so it can be difficult to have in-depth conversations with clients who have experienced, or are experiencing, trauma.

In addition, as a supervisor, I am always concerned about my staff. Our case managers work with clients on a daily basis, often experiencing vicarious trauma as they hear their stories. Over time, they may experience physical exhaustion, compassion fatigue and health problems.

Our new building will not only address the lack of dignity we currently face with our clients, but will support our staff in new ways:

  • A new staff break room for lunch, coffee and conversations.
  • A rooftop terrace for respite with fresh air, so staff can reset and renew for the work ahead.
  • Quiet work areas in which they can speak privately with clients, complete client records and make phone calls.
  • The knowledge that they can welcome clients into a building that’s healing centered, with compassion, care and dignity.

Times are tough for a lot of our clients, with rising costs of living and struggling to make ends meet. Seniors and low-income families are being priced out of the communities they’ve lived in all their lives. For these families, and all who come through our doors, CRC serves as an information and services hub. We help individuals in crisis navigate the many systems that can be difficult to navigate on their own.

We are proud of the work we do at CRC, and the new building will be a physical representation of that work for our entire community.”