Capital Campaign Blog

Important progress has been made on the construction project. Our architect completed design schematics and renderings and we are in the process of engaging them for preparation of construction documents. 

CRC has retained Boretto-Merrill, a local, women-owned, real estate development and construction consulting company to work with us through project completion. Construction project planning is underway and presentations from several construction companies were completed in the last few weeks. 

We are now working to create the construction budgets and schedules, including the order of construction to complete the project on time and on budget.

The current estimate is that construction on both the new Food & Nutrition Center (FNC) and the main building remodel will begin in mid 2025 and be completed within 12 months. This estimate assumes the maximum amount of time needed to complete all of the processes (entitlements, review, public comment, permits) before building the new FNC.