Capital Campaign Blog

In this Campaign Spotlight, we highlight the incredible contributions of Patricia Moore and Helmut Kiffmann, long-time CRC volunteers and donors, whose significant support has been pivotal to our Capital Campaign’s success.

“We’re both excited and enthusiastic about the new campus and design … We view CRC as the heart of Encinitas and North County, and we’re grateful we are in a position to support the organization in this way.”

Pat and helmut

We’re excited to share a preview of the Patricia Moore and Helmut Kiffmann Rooftop Terrace, a 2,300 square foot outdoor area in our new campus. Mirroring the natural beauty of Encinitas, the terrace is designed to be a place for healing-centered engagement, fostering positive energy, and transformational change. Aligned with our One Community. One Heart vision, this space will expand and enhance our campus’s ability to bring our community together. Here, we’ll have space for workshops, group therapy, staff self-care, presentations, and community gatherings, all aimed at furthering our mission.

By naming this space after Pat and Helmut, we honor their commitment to these values and envision the terrace as a place where our community can unite in shared purpose.

Pat: I’ve been a CRC volunteer in one way or another for over 36 years! I have worked on Holiday Baskets, the English Tea, and with Carol Cianfarani to raise money for the domestic violence shelter, Carol’s house. I’ve served on the Board of Directors and the search that led us to hire John Van Cleef, CRC’s CEO. During this time, I’ve been able to see over and over how we have a positive impact on our neighbors and community. 

Helmut: I’ve been a financial supporter of CRC since before I even met Pat, although she has certainly gotten me more involved. I have advised CRC on real estate matters, and I was part of the group that explored other locations for expansion.

Pat and Helmut: What we both value from our involvement with CRC is that we are helping people right here where we live. Both those who have an ongoing need for help and those who are just in a tough spot.

When a volunteer in the Food and Nutrition Center recognizes a mother who is struggling and learns that her family is living in a car – that volunteer can immediately make a personal introduction to the Housing Services Team.

Someone coming for the first time for Rapid Rehousing learns about our food program. And our domestic violence survivors find all they need under our one big roof.

THIS is what makes CRC unique. Wraparound services that address multiple challenges – lack of stable housing, food insecurity, domestic violence.

Our neighbors aren’t given a name and phone number to call or a website to look up for services, and sent on their way, hoping they’ll follow up. The staff work one-on-one with each client, creating a pathway that works for them.

Helmut: And, maybe most importantly, the design of CRC’s new campus will enable front-line staff and volunteers the space and nurturing environment they need to welcome all clients into a healthy, healing-centered environment, where each person can receive services for their basic human needs at one site, in one location, from one agency.

Pat and Helmut: We’re both excited and enthusiastic about the new campus and design. When the opportunity came up to purchase the building next door, we invested early because we knew it was right. The right approach, the right location, the right time.

We’ve followed the progress from the beginning, we made a second investment along the way to help give CRC the resources needed to develop the best site plan and design, and we recently made a third investment to help CRC surpass the 90% mark in achieving the $10.5M campaign goal.

We view CRC as the heart of Encinitas and North County, and we’re grateful we are in a position to support the organization in this way. We hope you will consider joining us and the other community members who have already made a gift, to ensure our community keeps CRC at its heart – in a more efficient and welcoming campus – providing help to our neighbors who are experiencing hunger, homelessness and hurt.

If you’d like to learn more about CRC’s capital campaign, how you can support our shared vision for a new campus, and what naming opportunities are available, please visit the campaign website or send an email to